The REVIT User Group SA (RUGSA) Recruitment drive

The REVIT User Group SA (RUGSA) Recruitment drive


Are you a member of RUGSA? If so congratulations as you are part of a group of almost 100 users on the RUGSA network. The aim of the local REVIT user group is to provide a place for users to share knowledge, questions and experience on the use and implementation of REVIT and its associated tools.

REVIT as we all know is an emerging technology which is quickly finding a strong position in the local market. What better way to build up your skills and knowledge base than by meeting up with some the the best users in the state.

RUGSA currently organises bi-monthly meetings for users to come together and get access to free information from local users and training providers, plus an opportunity to network with professionals across all disciplines. If you use REVIT then you are welcome here. RUGSA also runs Facebook, LinkedIN and Twitter feeds with information on local events, tips and tricks and training opportunities.

But we want to do more. We are looking to expand services with more meetings and more access to better information, but for this to happen we need more people. A users group is best represented by the users themselves, and we know there are a lot of you out there and we want you as part of this group.

So how do I get involved?

The best thing about RUGSA is that it’s FREE. It requires no membership forms and no financial commitment whatsoever. The only decision you need to make is how to be involved:

–          Follow our BLOG:

–          Like us on Facebook:

–          Connect via LinkedIN:

–          Follow us on twitter: @rug_sa

But most importantly, tell your friends. We need more users to keep this group growing, the more involvement from you the better this group becomes:

So send this email to your friends, sign up to the blog newsletter, and come along to the next RUGSA meeting:


Thanks from the RUGSA Team



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