Next RUGSA Meeting

Revit User Group SA: Forum on Collaboration

Use REVIT or work with people who do? This is for you…

For the next RUGSA meeting we are holding a special event: A forum on Collaboration and working together.

As a REVIT user for almost 10 years, I see the benefits of good coordinated models, and so do the teams and consultants I work with. But why does it seem so difficult to work together in this environment. There is plenty of good will, good intentions and enthusiasm, so why does the process still seem so complicated (and expensive).

The uptake of REVIT in SA continues to grow, and the recent announcement from DPTI calling for 3D models within a year will push that growth even further. Effective collaboration will soon be the point of difference between those firms working in 3D and still able to turn a profit, and those who can’t.

If you use REVIT or work with people who do, this is for you. It’s not just about modellers, but also designers, coordinators, directors, builders, basically anyone who is currently working on projects which involve REVIT. This forum is your chance to represent your views and opinions on REVIT, working together and how to make things better.

Some of the topics to be discussed and debated will include:

–          A language for the industry (defining terms, what do people mean when they say ‘coordinated’)

–          Engagement and defining a scope of services (What’s being used out there, how to make it simpler)

–          REVIT and workflow (Sharing models, modelling what and when and by who)

We hope to get a crowd for this event, The bigger the voice the more will listen. Meeting details are as follows:

Date: Tuesday the 23rd of October

Time: 5:30pm – 7:00pm (Note the later start time)

Venue: AIA, 100 Finders St, Adelaide

RSVP: (or simply reply to this email)

As well as the forum above if there is time we have even more topics on the Autodesk Cloud Services

Note we are starting a bit later with the hope this suits more people. If you can’t stay till 7 please feel free to come along, it’s an informal event.



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