Forum on Collaboration Meet

To all,

Thanks to all those who attended the latest RUGSA meeting and contributed to the lively debate on collaboration.

We have heaps of information and attendance was good. Feedback so far has been really positive which is a sign we are on the right track.

Having had a chance to run over the data collected and reflect on the night it was interesting some of the issues and themes raised, most notably:

– Despite all the frustrations and difficulty the visualisations being achieved with tools like REVIT were a huge benefit

– Buy in and understanding from directors and project leaders was vital, but not always present (though this one not so surprising)

– There were a wide variety of interpretations regarding BIM deliverables and stages on a typical project, which I think clearly relates to many of the frustration and difficulties experienced on projects

– And finally, there is still a way to go before working collaboratively sees some of the real benefits we hope to see from tools like REVIT


Also a huge thank you to those who have volunteered their time to become part of the Collaboration working group. This band of eager hopefuls will be committing time over the coming weeks to compile and review all the data collected with the aim of developing some guidelines or direction for those working in a collaborative environment


Lastly a reminder about our Christmas show on the 4th of December. Keep the date free and there will be more details to come soon.





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