Next RUGSA meeting – Get Excited Radelaide

Next RUGSA meeting – Get Excited Radelaide

RUGSA are very excited to announce that Autodesk have decided to hold a technology day here in Adelaide, and have offered to align the event with the next RUGSA meeting.

We’d love SA and RUGSA users to get behind this event, SA is passed over many times for functions like these because people don’t go, the more support we show and more events will come and the closer we as users get to those building and distributing the tools we work with every day.

You may have already seen an invite to this event from A2K, if you haven’t the invite from Autodesk is attached. And its FREE!

The event is on the 23rd July at the Hilton Hotel from 9:00 till12:00pm

You need to register for the event, you can click on the link in the PDF or go to the following address:

Please make the time to come along, it should be an interesting event.


RUGSA team.



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