Collabor8: Register your interest

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This is to let you know about an upcoming event for South Australia. Collabor8 SA.

Collabor8 SA will be a series of 8 seminars which will focus on the nature of collaboration and how it can be implemented on projects. Seminars will be delivered by people from industry and address issues across all phases of the project

Collabor8 SA will be run along side RUGSA, but will not focus on software. Instead Collabor8 will explore how collaboration affects the way construction projects are delivered in South Australia. What are the real implications for all parties when working in a BIM environment?

At this stage we are looking to industry to see what issues are most important, what would you like to see delivered as part of Collabor8 SA?

To register and be kept up to date on new information and more importantly provide feedback on the future of Collabor8 SA go to this address:


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