Build-SA information session. Only two weeks to go.

Only two weeks to go until the Build-SA inaugural session. Tickets available from only $9. Book your place now..

Why come to Build-SA……..?

Come for presentations from these industry experts…

Victor P Hoog Antink: Former CEO DEXUS property group Victor is currently a Director of Sands China Ltd, the Chairman of South Bank Corporation, a member of Bond University Council, the Chairman of Bond University Business School Board of Advisors and a director of the Property Industry Foundation.
Victor retired in 2012 as CEO of the DEXUS Property Group – one of Australia’s largest publicly owned property groups. Come and hear Victors experiences with the 1 Bligh St development in Sydney and how BIM has transformed an organisation.

Steve Larkin: CEO CITB SA Steve is currently CEO of the Construction Industry Training Board in SA. The CITB will present on the future of training and industry developments in SA.

Chris Penn: BuidingSMART Australia Chris Penn is currently BIM manager for HYLC and the NRAH project in Adelaide as well as residing on the board of BuildingSMART Australia. Come and hear Chris present on the importance of BIM to the construction industry and the value Build-SA brings to organisations in Adelaide.
Special thanks to our network of sponsors…

BuildSA info session.pdf


2 thoughts on “Build-SA information session. Only two weeks to go.

  1. The CITB has failed to grasp the need and support professional training in the use of Revit. Why as a professional would I pay good money to listen to its CEO talk when his organisation actively discriminates against the industry’s design consultants?

    • Hi John,
      A few months ago I would have agreed with you. However having done work with the CITB I think they recognise their disconnection with the professional industry and this is one of the reasons they have supported this event so strongly. I have also seen the effort they have gone to in trying to engage with training in tools like REVIT, but licensing and trainign distribution is a very complex process. I would encourage you to come, be involved, engage socially and share your experience sand opinions with others. One of the aims of these sessions is to bridge the gap between users and the organisations which proiude trainign and supply tools in our industry.


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