RUGSA is back in 2015 with first free event


If you thought RUGSA was gone in 2015 then you were mistaken. RUGSA is still here and doing what it does best.

The first official RUGSA event for 2015 will be on:

Tuesday the 26th May at the AIA, 100 Flinders St from 5:00pm till 6:30pm.

Come and see two fantastic presentations:

REVIT 2016 tour and new features

brought to you by REDSTACK:

picture device independent bitmap 141

RTC 2015 Summary session:

This year Stewart Caldwell was sponsored by AUGI to represent user groups at RTC, come and get the highlights from this years convention.

We expect this session to be popular so please RSVP to the following address:



RUGSA meeting reminder

A reminder about the upcoming RUGSA meeting next week.


Couldn’t make it to RTC this year ? Then come to next weeks meeting to get a summary if some of the best bits.


meeting as always 5:30 till 5:30 at the AIA, 100 Flinders St.

see you all there.

RTC 2013 Day 3

Well RTC 2013 is all over.
All up another successful conference and congratulations goes out to the RTC committee for the fantastic job they do.
Day 3 included a pretty fantastic presentation on adaptive points and creating flexible families with rotating components, very cool. As well a very interesting presentation on one mans BIM crusade with his house. He had developed a integrated BIM database as a set of handover documents for his own home, complete with RFID and QR labelling of all components, an interesting look into the future of BIM and some real world applications.

Remember to come to the next RUGSA meeting for more info on the Autodesk 2014 suite of software and to the following session for more updates from RTC.

RTC 2013 Live feed day 2

Well day 2 of RTC 2013 is complete.
There seemed to be a couple of gremlins in the system today. Lab sessions had real tech issues, they have adopted REVIT in type of cloud based environment running over a Citrix server and this has been causing issues with performance and graphics, the content in the labs however has been quite good. I saw a great lab session on hosting roads, kerbs and walls to topography, plus a good session on Navisworks and collaboration.
Outside of labs I saw a fantastic presentation from Jazmax on the integration of Sketchup with REVIT using generic models in linked REVIT files, very interesting. Also a great presentation on adaptive components and repeating geometry, a bit heavy on the brain but great to see what REVIT can do at its limits.
Again the facilities this year have been great, a lovely dinner at the warf topped off another full and eventful day.

RTC 2013 Auckland live feed

HI all,

I thought being in Auckland for RTC  this year i’d post a regular blog on proceedings.

So far the show has been interesting  numbers are definitely down, waaaay down, about 50% on the previous couple of years. General consensus is this is due to a combination of the GFC and the location. The facilities however are as good as ever.

Today the time difference and a shocking man flu got the better of me so i missed the first session but did catch a great presentation from Steve Stafford on new features for RAC 2014, his demos are always terrific and i suggest anyone interested in goggling his mane and following his blogs. The ability to explode 3D views in 12014 is very impressive as well as the ability to control the ‘to room’controls in window and door families.

This was followed up by Navis 2014 new features demo, less impressive but not because of the presenter, more to do with the lack of development in this area, disappointing.

Last was an interesting demo on how to create and compare room data sheets in REVIT using BIM link and REVIT.

Not too may from AUS here today and even fewer from Adelaide (only the two of us from my count!) and well done to Walter Brooke for sending someone along.

Will be in touch tomorrow for more updates and make sure you come along to next weeks RUGSA meeting for more info.